Welcome to Lifecraft

Lifecraft is a self-help user-led organisation for adults who have experience of mental health difficulties in their lives. Lifecraft was founded in 1993 and  continues to grow and evolve in response to the diverse and changing needs of its members.

We offer a range of activities such as art, singing, meditation, and a women's group which help our users in their recovery. To find out more about our timetable of activities visit our groups page.  Alongside these groups, we have IT facilities, an evening social club running 2 days a week, a counselling service and a telephone helpline that runs 365 days a year.

Campaigning is also a big part of Lifecraft, as well as addressing the anti-stigma agenda we also have a unique radio programme called Making Mental Notes which allows us to promote mental health issues. To find out more about our other projects please visit our projects page.

Please note that to access Lifecraft's services, excluding Lifeline, you need to be a member of Lifecraft. To find out more about becoming a Lifecraft member please visit our membership page or contact Lifecraft on 01223 566957 or by email

Lifecraft is recruiting 
Project Worker - Lifecraft Employability Project: 18 hours per week
Salary: £12450 (equivalent to £25937 pa)

Lifecraft is a Cambridge based charity providing a day centre and wide range of groups and activities for adults with mental health and wellbeing needs which range from mild to enduring. We have an established ‘employment skilling' scheme which gives opportunities to our Members to help run our day centre in a co-production, service user led model.We have recently set up a new Project - ‘Step By Step' - which has developed and enhanced the support we give to people, and reaches out to those who are in crisis or at points of transition in their lives.

Our search is for a colleague who will build on the start we have made, to take this project forward over the next two years. A colleague who has social work skills and values and will share our commitment to help our Members break out of disadvantage by taking a practical approach to create lasting change. A visit to our day centre, prior to submitting an application, would be welcomed.

For an application form please apply to or download the 
job description and application form here.

Closing date: 24th August 2015